Used in the project:

  • Client Liaison
  • Graphics Design
  • Website Design


Revive Social Care inspire and empower people with learning disabilities to identify aspirations, fulfil their potential and to lead safe, healthy and well-connected lives. We were honoured to be working closely with this project. We were asked to create their Website, Business Cards and Logo. The inspiration behind the Logo design was to capture an idea that would illustrate providing care in a home.  


Design a user-friendly website with easy navigation and content that would explain each service thoroughly. Create Business Cards that could be distributed at corporate events and to potential clients. All the above had to be branded with a logo, which we designed to fit in with the colour scheme that the client had provided.        


We designed a website that would be compatible to all devices that had internet access, i.e. Computer Desktop, Mobile Phones and Tablets. We designed the business cards to fit the client’s specifications.


Revive Social Care were delighted with the end products and we continue to have a friendly relationship. We like to check in on our customers after a few months to see how their business is doing, especially if it’s a start-up company, Revive are thriving in their field and we couldn’t be more proud.