DVRA (Driver Vehicle Reminder Agency)


We were tasked with creating a new brand that would act as a reminder for UK motorists to pay their road tax, insurance and M.O.T on time.


We were tasked to build the brand from scratch, starting with the graphics design work (logo, business cards, flyers) and the website.

Used in the project:

• Graphics design
• Client Liaison
• Concept Development
• Branding
• Web Development


We researched, designed and built a fully functional DVRA website, we had a meeting to discuss the client’s specifications on what features they wanted their website to have. They were focused on selling three types of memberships and wanted that to be the highlight, helping users make an informed purchase decision. We were given full control of creativity. 


Through its site DVRA has had achieved a steady growth in traffic and a significant rise in sales. Oden Makiwa, Founder of DVRA, states “Web and Apps Solutions has a very good team, one which I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to develop a good quality, user friendly website” DVRA continues to work with Web and Apps Solutions in several other projects such as Digital Marketing and Social Media Management.