Destiny Integrated Care


We were tasked with creating a new website for Destiny Integrated Care which would act as a point of call for prospective clients. The founders of this company came to us at a time where they were having their CQC inspection and needed to ensure everything was done in time. Not only did we create a website for them, but they required some marketing material: Roller banner, Social media banner and a Brochure.


We were on a strict deadline however we didn’t allow the quality of our products to be degraded for the time frame that we were given. We ensured that the quality stayed the same as if we were given this project weeks in advance. The Roller banner was a suggestion Web and Apps Solutions made because the client was looking for something for their office in Bedford, something that would stand out and draw people’s attention as soon as they walked through the door. The roller banner became a staple piece for the workplace.

Destiny Integrated Care wanted a, easy to carry, roller banner so they can use it for several events and exhibitions the business attends. Many businesses surprisingly, do not understand how social media can empower their business and how much of it can make their business thrive. The first step of creating a social media page is to make it look appealing, a page that they do not mind coming across once a day or a couple of times a week. Destiny integrated Care wanted to appeal to the youth as well as their clientele. Their reason for appealing to the youth was to attract those grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles who could not have known the services Destiny Integrated Care offered as they may not have had access to technology as much as their offspring. Reaching out to the youth created another marketing avenue where it became word of mouth and they received enquires through that platform.

Used in the project:

  • Graphics design
  • Client Liaison
  • Concept Development
  • Branding
  • Web Development


We designed and built a fully functional Destiny Integrated Care website, we have had many clients in the care industry and we were able to give insightful ideas to create user friendly features that we knew would do well. We designed a roller banner that was both “easy on the eyes” and very useful for their clients to get snapshots of relevant information. In today’s world success is measured by how many followers you have on social media so for their Facebook page we created a Social Media Banner that would showcase who they are to the world and impress their followers with a small infographic.      


Destiny Integrated Care received all their marketing material in time for their CQC observation and they received a “Good” as their overall business outcome which was FANTASTIC! They found that their website had also done very well as it had brought in more enquiries about their services and converted prospective customers to clients. Jennifer Nyamtowo, manager of Destiny Integrated Care, was very grateful for our services and helping her in her time of need. We have had many referrals from her and continue to have a strong relationship with her. We often give her marketing advice and she takes them on board. Jennifer is an ongoing customer of ours.