Used in the project:

  • Graphics design
  • Client Liaison
  • Web Development


Alms Charity is a non-profitable organisation setup to help underprivileged children living in Zimbabwe. When the Vice chairperson, Bongiwe Sidambe came to us with the idea that she and her team wanted to create this foundation we were excited for their idea. They did not have a Logo at the time and wanted us to design it. They gave us a brief of how they wanted their logo to look like “Two hands, giving and receiving kindness, compassion and care” we loved it. We took the idea and after several conversations we concluded with the final product you see today. The circle represents the world and how we all come together to rejoice in a vision of kindness and care. We also created their website and ensured that their message was spread across all the web pages and important call to action buttons were placed strategically to ensure that users were able to donate at any stage of their viewing.  


The concept was to build a fully functional website that will showcase donators the different avenues and services that their money will be useful for.


We designed and built a fully functional Alms Charity website, we launched the new Alms Charity website to enable users to browse through easily. Also, for Alms Charity to showcase the good that they are imploding into the lives of the children in Zimbabwe. The website highlights their services and what avenues the donations are going to benefit. The Logo was very important to get right, as this was the face of the charity. It needed to have the correct design to showcase the company’s purpose and had to be clear enough to be used on future marketing material. 


All work completed has focussed on the client’s strengths, emphasising their passion, skills and the unique services they provide, as well as capturing their motto thoroughly across their website.